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Can You Survive This Podcast? with Clint Emerson – Episode Dawson

Matt Dawson was a successful investment banker who became an adventurer and philanthropist.

He is the founder of Dawson’s Peak and creator of project Seven for Soldiers. Dawson has summited Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson, Aconcagua and Kosciuszko. Additionally, he is the 1st person to trek solo/unsupported across the Mojave Desert and Death Valley (213 miles); has skied to South Pole; and rowed 3,100 miles across Atlantic Ocean.

Supporting Veterans with ‘Dollar for a Veteran’ Fundraiser

Investment banker Matt Dawson discusses his social media fundraising campaign supporting veterans, ‘Dollar for a Veteran,’ which benefits the Gary Sinise Foundation and Hope For The Warriors.

Meet Matt Dawson of Dawson’s Peak in West Hollywood

Dawson’s ultimate goal was to determine a way to transition his love for climbing and adventure into a “service-centered” organization that could be used to inspire others to recognize both their potential for change and their duty to pursue it.

Learn about Dawson and his journey to founding what we now know as Dawson’s Peak.

Man Embarks on Journey to Set World Records to Raise Money for Veterans Charities

It almost sounds impossible but Matt Dawson is confident he can and will set seven world records. He says you can’t plan for everything; you can just try to be as prepared as possible.

The 40-year-old investment banker isn’t doing it for an adrenaline rush. He’s doing it to raise money and awareness for veterans charities close to his heart.

The Jay Ferruggia Show – The Quest for a Greater Purpose

In 2016 Matt Dawson, the Creator and Founder of Dawson’s Peak, was successful by most people’s standards but he still felt an unshakeable sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. 

The best way he knew to bring about dramatic change was to intentionally put himself into uncomfortable situations and strive to push his own limits. If you’re in search of purpose and passion in your own life, you don’t want to miss this episode.


Monster Energy – Atlantic Ocean Row

Monster Energy highlighting Dawson’s successful 3,100 mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 53 days.

Monster Energy – The Seven Summits

Monster Energy highlighting Dawson’s successful ascents of the Seven Summits in less than one year.

5.11 Tactical – Matt Dawson’s Leg Workout Sample Exercises

Sample of some of the leg exercises Dawson incorporates into his training regimen for muscular endurance. Actual workouts would include 1,200 – 1,800 total reps.

5.11 Tactical – Dawson’s Peak Documentary

5.11 Tactical highlighting Dawson’s Peak founding; Matt Dawson’s attempt to set 7 world records; and the factors leading to his attempt.

Challenging Your Limits Of Peak Performance, Potential and Experience w/ Matt Dawson

Dawson joins Luka Hocevar’s podcast to talk about how taking on your own personal challenges can help you create the best version of yourself; while elevating those around you. This is an inspiring and impactful episode that is a must to listen to if you want to get fired up about achieving the peak of your performance.

One Man Seeking 7 World Records in 2020: Matt Dawson

Dawson speaks extensively about his plans to go after 7 World Records and shares the “Defining Moment” that led him to find his purpose and was the birth of his foundation Dawson’s Peak.

Matt Dawson Speaking at Powerful-U Conference

Dawson describing what he believes are the four levels of certainty; how they impact our lives; and how we can progress through them to elevate ourselves and those around us.

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